Customer Reviews

"On time delivery, great food and great service. Would definitely order from them again!!" 

                                                -  Michelle Relerford

                                                   NBC 5 Chicago Anchor

  JERK WORLD Catering   

An American Island Fusion Catering Company

corporate catering


We understand how stressful your work environment can be, allows us to alleviate the stress for your lunch order, we will bring it to you on time.

Jerk World  is expanding and vastly growing in corporate catering. Jerk World chefs are very innovative and experimental with their food.  Jerk is often thought to be spicy and feared by many who can't handle the heat; we have discovered how to keep the authenticity of Jerk but giving our customers the choice for level of spiciness. 

Jerk World customers have a choice between mild for the not so brave, with a fair balance of flavor and just a hint of spiciness or the mouth burning spicy for the thrill seekers.